Food drop locations costs handy tips and information

Looking accross valley

Food Drops - Ormiston Gorge and Ellery Creek have a locked room dedicated to Larapinta food storage. There is a $50 key deposit for the key which accesses the storage rooms which will be supplied by Alice Wanderer - Larapinta Transfers. Standley Chasm is frequently also used as another food storage location. If not using Larapinta Transfer to arrange your food drops please phone in advance as a courtesy.

Showers – Glen Helen and Ormiston Camp Ground.

Telephones – Glen Helen, Ellery Creek (emergency phone), Standley Chasm, Hamilton Downs Youth Centre (near Jay Creek)

Extra Walking Tracks – Most of the day walks have diversions off the main track. This can add an extra 1-4km per day.

Best time to plan your walk – between May and August, the winter weather will keep walking comfortable. Temperatures average around 22° during the day. Be prepared for cool chilly nights averaging around 1° or 2°. Temperatures below 0° are not uncommon. During the summer months walking is not recommended. Summer temperatures reach 40°+ during November to March so please don’t plan your trip during these times.

And most important – Plan you walk with plently of time to appreciate the beauty !