The main access points include Simpson’s Gap, StandleyChasm, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen. All roads to these places are sealed as these are on the main tourist routes of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Other areas are by 4WD only, this keeps the trail isolated and for walkers only. Although we offer a service to most access points, road conditions vary.

DROPOFF / PICK UP (from / to Alice Springs) Minimum 2 passengers per transfer Additional Passengers per group D/O -P/U time daily
Simpsons Gap $95/concession (min 2 pax) $45 observer (3rd / 4th pax) 0755/1450
Standley Chasm $95/concession (min 2 pax $45 observer (3rd / 4th pax) 0820/1340
Hamilton Downs N/A N/A N/A
Ellery Creek $170/adult (min 2 pax) $45 observer (3rd / 4th pax) 0900/1300
Serpentine Gorge $170/adult (min 2 pax) $45 observer (3rd / 4th pax) 0920/1240
Ochre Pits $170/adult (min 2 pax) $45 observer (3rd / 4th pax) 0950/1210
Ormiston Gorge $170/adult (min 2 pax) $45 observer (3rd / 4th pax) 1010/1150
GlenHelen Gorge $170/adult (min 2 pax) $45 observer (3rd / 4th pax) 1030/1130
Redbank Gorge $170/adult (min 2 pax) $45 observer (3rd / 4th pax) 1100/1100

Redbank Gorge. The road to Redbank Gorge is sealed to the Red bank turn off followed by 8km’s of dirt. Condition of the road depends on grading and rain. It is often rough and corrugated. The best part about Redbank Gorge is the isolation. The tourist route stops at Glen Helen Gorge and so very few tourists go to Redbank.

Jay Creek / Hamilton Downs. Entry to JayCreek/Hamilton Downs lies 1½ hours from Alice Springs. Travel is via sealed roads along the North Stuart Hwy, thenthe Tanami Road, followed by a 30 to 45 minute drive along a dirt road to the Hamilton Downs Youth Shelter.

Hugh Gorge / Birthday Hole. Access is 35 minutes travel on sealed roads along Larapinta Drive. Turn off into Hugh Gorge/Birthday Gap lies at the Hugh River. The road conditions past the Hugh River turn off are “BAD” 15km’s an hour is doing pretty well so we don’t recommend Hugh Gorge or Birthday Gap as an access point. This area is not accessed by Alice Wanderer & Centre Sightseeing.

Serpentine Gorge. Sealed roads all the way except for a couple of kilometres of dirt. A lovely spot as it lies off the main tourist Alice Valleyspots.