Parks & Wildlife Commission Overnight Walker Registration Scheme ceased operation September 17 2010 and has been replaced with recommended utilisation of the following self regulated personal communication devices.

Parks and Wildlife strongly recommend that at least one of the following communication devices are carried by any individual or group walking the Larapinta Trail.

PLB’s / EPIRBS – Devices that people can hire or purchase and which give an accurate location of a person if activated in an Emergency. The message is raised by the Emergency Response Centre in Canberra which is always staffed by reliable and experienced operators in coordinating emergency responses.

Satellite Phones – Are available for hire at a reasonable rate. They are improving in reliability and offer the advantage of someone being able to talk directly to emergency services personnel to give accurate situation information.

Spot Messengers – These a relatively new on the scene, but are increasing in popularity amongst outdoor enthusiasts and travellers. They work in similar fashion to the PLB, but can also be used to send regular messages to nominated family and friends to let them know everything is ok, They give an accurate location of where you are.

Please be advised the Larapinta Trail Registration Scheme ceased operation 17 September 2010.