Section Maps information and handy links

The Parks & Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory provide excellent maps of the 12 sections of the Larapinta Trail.
These maps can be viewed and / or downloaded from their website Larapinta Trail

Download individual section maps and descriptions

The Larapinta Trail Kit available direct from Alice Wanderer Larapinta Transfers or from Parks and Wildlife. It provides maps and valuable tips on the trail and is an excellent source of information. It describes the walking conditions and features that you will encounter, and links the sign post indicators marked along the trail by the picture of a man looking at a book. They also feature side view contours to describe the terrain plus the ascent and decent of the climbs you will encounter.


Walking the Trail – Which way? Transfer

Deciding which way to walk is up to the individual. We suggest Redbank Gorge to Alice Springs for the following reasons:

  • Food drops – the cost is considerably less when done during the initial transfer plus you know exactly where the food is located.
  • Redbank Gorge to Alice Springs – You are walking away from the afternoon sun.
  • Water at Redbank Gorge – To get your walk off to the best possible start we suggest at least 10 – 12 liters of good drinking water for your stay at Redbank Gorge. There is a water tank at the Red Bank car park where you can source water however water is not available at Ridge Top or Woodlands camp grounds.
  • Peace of mind – with food drops done and no dead lines to meet, the only thing left is to enjoy your walk back into Alice.
  • The traveling time out to Redbank Gorge may also provide you with some valuable information from your driver.

Please Note: Be aware that as the trail is designed to be walked from Alice Springs to Redbank Gorge, walking it in the reverse may cause some of the route markers to be a little harder to see.

Ormiston Gorge has a beautiful scenic walk that can only be described as ‘not to be missed’. If you can find the time to explore the Ormiston Pound Walk, the natural beauty of the area will be well worth the effort.

Glen Helen. The path to Glen Helen lies 4km’s off the main trail. If you would like to stop at Glen Helen on the way to Redbank, that will give you the option of walking straight through to Ormiston Gorge from Rocky Bar Gap.


Water Supplies, Locations and Distance

11 & 12 Redbank Gorge Tank 11.8km
11 Rocky Bar Gap Tank 14.20 (from Finke River)
11 Glen Helen Reticulated Bore 4.3km
10 & 11 Finke River Tank 9.1km
9 & 10 Ormiston Gorge Reticulated Bore 28.6km
8 Serpentine Chalet Dam Tank 13.4km
7 & 8 Serpentine Gorge Car Park Tank 13.8km
6 & 7 Ellery Creek Tank 15.3km
6 Rocky Gully Tank 15.9km
5 & 6 Hugh Gorge Tank 16.0km
4 & 5 Birthday Waterhole Tank 17.7km
3 & 4 Standley Chasm Reticulated Bore 14.1km
2 & 3 Jay Creek Tank 10.8km
2 Mulga Camp Tank 13.7km
1 & 2 Simpsons Gap Reticulated Bore 10.3km
1 Wallaby Gap Tank 13.4km
1 Alice Springs Telegraph Station Town Supply 00.0km

Note: Parks and Wildlife are very reliable at maintaining water quality and quantity at these points however it is recommended that you carry sterilization tablets and/or boil the water.


Camping Types and Areas

The only cost of the Larapinta Trail is a $7.50 entrance fee at Standley Chasm. Kiosks are open at Standley Chasm and Ormiston Gorge selling light snacks and ice cream.

Glen Helen Lodge can get extremely busy.Although many walkers don’t mind a nice cool beer and a bed at night, a wonderful camping option is “2 milebeach”, located on the banks of the Finke River and with outstanding views of Mt Sonder located 1 km from Glen Helen, you will see the ‘Beach’ as you walk into Glen Helen. If you want to swap camp food and save carrying weight off your packs, enjoy a delicious hot meal at Glen Helen Lodge. Breakfast is also available.

Ormiston Gorge has two camping areas available.The place to camp for walkers is in the “Coach camping area”. At the back of the Kiosk, you will see the sign on a gate post.